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Our Office

Dr. Yarbro brings you the latest in modern technology and a wide range of services, helping to create an efficient, patient-focused environment.

Monday- Thursday: 8:00- 4:00

Lunch: 12:00-1:00

Friday- Sunday: Closed

Our Hours



All of our charts are paperless.  This means all dental work is noted on a computer, and any forms are scanned into your chart.  This eases work for the staff, improves communication, increases efficiency, and enhances confidentiality.




The radiographs taken in our office are digital.  This means instead of developing a film—which takes time and utilizes chemicals—the x-ray is directly converted into a computer file, which can be pulled up immediately and viewed on the screen over the patient's chair. These digital x-rays also decrease radiation to the patient by 60%.




Each room is called an "operatory" and is designed for patient comfort.  The dental chairs are some of the newest and most comfortable chairs available. Computer monitors are above every chair, which can be used to view x-rays, photographs, or even DVDs. Our office provides a wide range of family-friendly DVDs to view while in the chair.  Each operatory is open, providing a more relaxing environment for all.

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